Men Sweatshirts

Men Sweatshirts

Choosing a sweatshirt is like choosing a T-shirt: your options are almost limitless. But the essential blueprint is an athletic top, usually long-sleeved, with a ribbed hem and cuffs. The sweatshirt blurred the lines between sportswear and fashion half a century before a marketing executive coined the word “athleisure”. It was the first item of clothing to be emblazoned with logos, turning us all into walking advertisements for the brands we wear.

While the first invented sweatshirt started as a comfortable jersey, it can now be worn for just about any occasion. Today, sweatshirts compete for attention with many of your other wardrobe staples.

As fun as they are functional, sweatshirts are designed to keep you warm and cozy. Originally made of wool, many sweaters will now use other fibers like cotton or polyester. The fabric should be breathable while the texture feels soft to touch.

An all-American classic, the crew neck sweatshirt is a statement piece worn by men and women alike. Originally an all-cotton practice jersey, the crew neck sweatshirt is a necessity in today’s wardrobe. Now often called a crew neck or simply just a sweatshirt, each has a round neck and no collar. Crew necks are often compared head-to-head with sweaters, hoodies, and jackets.​

Sweaters come in all sorts of shapes and silhouettes. The neckline can be turtleneck, V-neck, or crew neck. If a sweater opens up in the front, it’s a cardigan. Great for a day at the office or a dinner party, sweaters often have a more dressy or formal look. Whether it’s worn oversized or fitted, sweaters are usually paired with a dress shirt and tie or as a short dress with a belt and tights. Before deciding on a particular style, explore our sweatshirts' collection for men. Pick your favorite style and enjoy our endless sale!