Lanvin's success was all thanks to the curiosity, inventiveness, and creative energy of Jeanne Lanvin. with each new collection, the designer sought to reinvent herself and drew inspiration from traveling, the artists of her time, and everything around her.

When she wasn't working on her next collection, Jeanne Lanvin would frequently travel, taking the time to log everything she saw and everything that inspired her. Her travel journals were never far from her when she was working, carefully stored away in her office's bookcase.

In addition to her memories, Jeanne Lanvin would write about objects she had found, fabric samples, or the traditional clothing of the countries she or her close friends and family would visit: Indian saris, Chinese attire, toreador outfits, or ethnic embroideries and material. We offer the latest collection of Lanvin on a big sale all year round.

Copy by Lanvin