Clutch Bags are some of the most desirable and sought after bags due to their iconic designs and use for different occasions from casual to formal. What groups all of the bags in this category together is that they are all small bags that are primarily held without any sort of straps. They can include bags with or without handles.

The phrase ‘clutch bag’ can be used to describe a wide range of bags, there is no precise set of dimensions or characteristics which define it. Essentially the clutch bag is a small, flat handbag, without handles or straps; however, there are larger bags, with a handle or detachable straps which are also described as ‘clutch bags’. Slim and primarily hand held are perhaps the two qualities which best define the bag.

Clutches can be used for different events from casual to formal. It is a bag that helps you add a glamorous look to your outfit. Explore a variety of elegant clutch bags at our online store with amazing discounts. 

Furla Madonna Clutch
$227.00 $334.80