Men Briefcases


What’s your occupation? An attorney or accountant – then an attache case of luxurious leather briefcase would be ideal. Traveling often for business? A rolling briefcase would be the obvious choice.

Explore our handpicked collection of the finest leather briefcases from the most well-known designers like Emporio Armani, Piquadro and Mario Valentino. From an attache case of luxurious leather briefcase that is perfect for an attorney or accountant to a rolling briefcase for a frequent traveler businessman and everything in between.

Our collection includes full-grain leather briefcases that are durable, flexible, attractive and has a typical smell associated with rugged masculinity. Other types are made of top-grain leather and can be affordable and excellent alternative to full-grain leather.

All items displayed here are made of the finest leather which determine the quality of a briefcase. With that being said, when you purchase a briefcase from Brands On Sale be sure that we have done our homework upfront and checked not only the quality of the leather but also other materials used in the construction of the bags like locks, handle, shoulder strap fittings, zippers, buckles and metallic rings -which take the most abuse on a daily basis and are likely to wear out the quickest- are all checked and made sure they are the best in the market each in its relevant category and price.

As we know how important to have enough compartments within your briefcase so you can keep your stuff as organized as possible, this is why we choose those with flexible and spacious compartments to store your laptop and other essentials. Enjoy your next briefcases that definitely will look deceptively compact and slim.