Unlocking The Keys to 2021’s Fashion Trends

Unlocking The Keys to 2021’s Fashion Trends - Brands On Sale

October 11, 2020

As the Coronavirus outbreak accelerated, fashion weeks around the world continued to stray away from usual in-person runway shows and presentations and opted for digital alternatives instead. In addition to that, shopping centers closed down as online shopping became the new normal and saved us every waking day.

Even though a lot of us were able to grab great pieces from online stores, we did not really have the chance to show off our new finds out in the world. While Instagram played a great role in our quarantine entertainment, we are all impatiently waiting for 2021 to be the year we finally bring all this Online Shopping to life’s runway!

As we approach the new year, more designers continue to share their fashion plans, and as the list keeps growing, it is becoming pretty clear that 2021 is shaping up to be a pretty fashionable and stylish year. If you want to get ahead of these upcoming trends, read on for some insights on what to expect!

Good news is a lot of the spring fashion trends we are now seeing have so much in common with previous seasons or are even in style right now. This is only but proof that fashion is slowly but surely becoming seasonless. I can’t say I’m bothered though, it's better for both my wallet and the environment!

Spring 2021’s biggest trends so far seem to be reflecting the constant state of disarray this year has brought us. Countless collections have made it clear that designers are looking to address and elevate our quarantine needs. Going through Collina Strada, Rich fresh and Rodarte collections, there is one trend that repeatedly caught my eye. With a theme focusing on both comfort and elegance, it seems that matching sweatsuits are so in style right now, and apparently, so are our quarantine outfits!

Yet, it does not stop here. 2020’s frazzled mindset also inspired many complex designs. As fashion designers continue to prioritize sustainability, many of 2021’s biggest trends are either sustainable or an ode-to sustainability. To establish inherent longevity in every piece, patchwork is becoming quite popular. Such cut-and-sewn pieces continue to give the experience of old meeting new. “Lots of seams here, but, wow, are you going to stand out.” - Tom Ford. From patchwork dresses that give a vintage vibe to patchwork shirts and tweed bucket hats, the collection is limitless! 

Another vibe that is so in style next year are clean lines, neutral tones and monochrome colorways. To be frank, after the uncertainty we experienced in 2020, we could all use a little simplicity in our lives! DeeruptThis chic, comfortable pair of Adidas kicks is a perfect, elegant addition to pair with everything.

As clothing preferences shift towards a more minimalist vibe, it’s always fun to contrast basics and staples with some bold accessories. This addition of fun jewelry pieces or statement belts and handbags to your wardrobe can make a simple outfit look alot more sophisticated. 

Nonetheless, some new trends seem a tad familiar. Exaggerated Shoulders tops are apparently making a comeback this year and wow does it feel like a blast from the past! Fortunately, with just a couple of styling tricks, these cute, elegant pieces are here to stay as we head through spring to summer.

From fall to winter, a dramatic sheer maxis dress is the statement piece we will all be looking for, and don’t you worry, Kristian Loren, Jacquemus, and many others have got us covered! It is no secret that a sheer maxi dress is simple, boho and sexy all at once. Match it with a few bold accessories and comfortable shoes, and YOU are going to be turning heads everywhere!

Needless to say, the biggest accessory trend of 2021 will be face masks. You probably already own some basic masks, but since they are becoming a classic piece in our wardrobes, it is nice to invest in some high-quality, breathable fabrics, and nicely designed masks now that we’re in it for the long haul. The more your mask compliments your outfit, the easier you commit to wearing them! 

As we await the new year, shop our collections and always stay ahead of your fashion game! 

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