The Art of Finding Your Elusive Personal Style

The Art of Finding Your Elusive Personal Style

October 11, 2020

As more fashion brands continue to flourish and come to life, the ever evolving question of our personal style continues to loom over our heads. While there is no doubt we appreciate the handful of different styles the market keeps offering, our personal style speaks to us the most. But how do we pinpoint this elusive beast? The countless trends we could dabble in and the numerous personas we identify with, can make choosing one’s own personal style quite a long and frustrating process.

While you don't necessarily have to just choose one type of woman you want to be, choosing a prevailing theme and defining your style type is a great place to begin pursuing your personal style! It’s a way to both uncover and come to terms with who you are and what you want your outfits to tell the people around you.

To define your style, consider the clothes that make you feel happy or most confident. Try pulling out your favourite pieces and notice how they all have at least one thing in common. Whether it be denim jeans, maxi dresses or tiny tops - you will realize there is an overarching mood or vibe that you're mostly going for.

If you are into Chic style, then you will find that your favourite pieces are a combination of monochromatic ensembles with sleek clean lines. Most likely, your color palette will be a mixture of black, white, and neutrals, usually opting for a bold statement accessory such as a bright red lipstick or an alligator skin purse . A woman with this style is known to exude power with her innate sense of fashion. 

If you know what works for you and tend to stick with it, then you are leaning more towards a Classic style type. A classic wardrobe is one full of simple, clean, and traditional pieces. If you are a lover of Classic, then you will value longevity over current fashion trends and always fancy a timeless look since the color palette never really changes. It is always ladylike, flattering and often tailored.

If you’re opting for a Bohemian Style Type, then your statement pieces will mostly be casual and carefree. With an overall earth tone palette, your vibe will always steer you towards  denim, browns, camel tones, and pieces in hunter green and rich burgundy. You also like to experiment with classic paisleys and animal prints. Chloe, Isabel Marant and Gucci  show beautiful Bohemian collections year after year. Long silk maxi dresses, floppy hats and oversized blouses are must-haves for Bohemian Ladies. Furs, leathers and suedes are statement pieces in every Bohemian wardrobe.

If your style type is Whimsical, then you love colorfulness and usually tend to mix and match colors, textures, and patterns. It is almost impossible to find black pieces in a Whimsical style type wardrobe, instead you will find countless shades of pinks, bright blues, and occasionally a neutral touch of taupe or brown. A full skirt, tulip shaped dresses, and quirky prints such as polka dots, florals, paisleys and many other patterns are very common things to find in a Whimsical wardrobe. When it comes to shoes, Whimsicals love flirty, colorful heels as they thrive to be in the spotlight and enjoy having all eyes on them admiring their fanciful sense of style. Ultimately, being Whimsical means having fun with fashion and not being afraid to take risks! 

Shortly after you determine which style type you most likely attribute yourself to, you should start looking for fashion inspiration. You can find your inspiration from social media gurus, celebrities or even from family and friends around you. If you did not get lucky, fashion magazines and blogs are also a great place to look for fashion tips and inspiration. Scout for a few fashion bloggers whose styles resonate with you, and then search through their archives for your favourite outfits. You might also consider looking for your favourite stylist and learn more about the different style types and the ones with which you are most aligned, as this can be a lovely source of inspiration.

Aside from that, creating a capsule wardrobe is a great approach to this dilemma. By simply selecting a collection of basics that are always a part of your wardrobe, you can be able to mix and match and inevitably create chic and effortless looks. A little black dress, a denim jacket, a leather tote or just simple t-shirts are all examples of classic pieces that can help you create a fashionable capsule wardrobe that will provide you with a foundation for more exciting and timeless pieces.

After building your own capsule collection, you can start adding distinctive pieces that highlight your style personality. Playing with fashion to discover the one style that speaks to you the most, is, undoubtedly, a long process with lots of experimentation, so always remember that changing your mind is totally acceptable. 

Remember to take into consideration the way you want to present yourself to the world. The aim is for your style to reflect your personality, make sense in your field of work, bring out the confidence in you, and stay consistent with your overall lifestyle and the community you live in. If you keep these in mind, figuring out your personal look will be an easygoing, fun, and rewarding process!

Whether or not you’ve mastered your own style, our distinct collections have something for every look and every occasion. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Happy Shopping!

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